How you can be a part of the journey…

There are a variety of ways you can join the celebrations and we are sure you’ll be able to find an area that will interest you…
• Support Us
Visit us, attend our events, follow us on social media, give us feedback………
• Partner with Us
KDCentury is open to partnership opportunities with individuals and organisations looking to explore creative projects
• Volunteer/ Intern with Us
We have a number of programmes that would benefit from additional manpower. This varies from literary to arts programmes in the community. With just a few hours a week, you can make a significant impact to the project.
• Bring us your old books
If your shelves are overflowing with photos, books, artefacts or you simply wish to pass them on for others to enjoy, please let us know and we will be very happy to take them off your hands
• Sponsorship
With a 6 month roster of programmes, we would very much benefit from additional funding in order to continue to offer the fabulous programmes in store. If you wish to assist in any way, from mini help to mega help…. please contact Ilmihouse as below.
• Spread the Word
If you are unable to do any of the above just yet, that’s fine, just please help us spread the word. Tell someone you know about our programmes so they may be able to benefit from it or benefit other people through it