rework, rethink & renegotiate

Event Details
Dates 11TH – 13TH August 2017
Venue Kaduna – State wide

Now in its 3rd year, The Openspace project is a platform for Artists – Writers, Painters, Musicians, Fashion Designers, Sculptors, Architects, Graphic Designers, Artists, Foodies, Photographers, Performers, Content/Concept Creators and Developers, Readers, Film Makers, Techies, Thinkers and Entrepreneurs… to meet and collaborate on the newest and most innovative ideas.
The Openspace Artists Retreat 2017 will mark the centenary by holding a weekend long Retreat somewhere in Kaduna State. It will give a select number of Creative Minds the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore collaborations across genres.
Project 2017 – A blank canvas to work on Real life Project for Kaduna.