KD Century

The KDCentury event commemorated the centennial anniversary of Kaduna’s declaration as the capital of the Northern Region of Nigeria in 1917. A series of events marked this significant occasion to celebrate the dynamism, diversity, and development that Kaduna and its inhabitants have experienced over the past 100 years. KDCentury provided a platform for amateur and professional artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their creative talents and promote the region’s artistic prowess to a broader audience.

Organized by Openspace, the Creative Arts division of Ilmihouse, KDCentury comprised exhibitions that featured informative, visually captivating, and technically impeccable artworks conveying significant aspects of Kaduna, the Northern Region, and Nigeria as a whole. The event spanned from June to December 2017 and encompassed several distinct categories:

  1. Pioneers: This segment delved into the history of exceptional individuals who had played pivotal roles and left a lasting impact on Northern Nigeria’s past and present.
  2. Tribes, Royalty, and Culture: Exploring the history of various tribes in Kaduna and the Northern Region, ranging from the founding tribes to contemporary ones, the exhibitions showcased their cultures, including traditional attire, cuisine, festivals, dances, and royal heritage.
  3. Hustle and Bustle: This category spotlighted the evolution of business activities within the state from its inception to the current day.
  4. Art, Jobs, and Sports: Call out was made for Artists to submit works with a significant connection to Kaduna or the wider Northern Nigeria, spanning various mediums such as music, drama, painting, drawings, dance, and more. The inclusion of sports activities added another dimension to the celebratory events.
  5. Young Entrepreneurs: Recognizing the efforts of young entrepreneurs in Kaduna and Northern Nigeria who fostered innovation in business and contributed to the growth of the region and the nation.
  6. Made in KD: Exhibiting locally produced goods within the state, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of Kaduna’s residents.
  7. Architecture Monuments & Historic Sites: Highlighting the diverse architectural monuments and historical sites that Kaduna and Northern Nigeria possessed, accompanied by informative insights about each location.
  8. Other Categories: These encompassed Food, Nature, and Characters, offering additional avenues for creative expression.